Small business data solution: NAS! Network-Attached Storage (NAS) acts essentially as a hard drive accessible via local network, allowing multiple computers on the same network to access and store/access data on a central device.  Modern NAS devices are, easy to administrate and configure, making them ideal for small businesses and individuals.  NAS is a popular method to keep important data protected and available on premise for end users with a significant amount of data.  And now, ElephantDrive is pre-installed on many NAS devices to backup your data in the cloud so even if data on the NAS is lost or corrupted, you can still retrieve your important files from ElephantDrive cloud storage!

Here is a list of benefits that ElephantDrive offers on our partnered NAS devices:

#1 – ElephantDrive is pre-installed and natively integrated with each NAS platform for best performance and user experience; meaning you won’t need to manually install ElephantDrive on your NAS to backup the data in our cloud. ElephantDrive is integrated natively with each NAS’ user interface and behaves just like any other built-in feature on the NAS.

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#2 – Once you have the NAS device set up, you can backup data directly from the device to ElephantDrive without having to map NAS to a computer, making it a hassle free and ready for use when setup is complete!

#3 – Our service is account-centric as opposed to device-centric, meaning you can manage multiple NAS devices using a single account.  Adding and managing additional devices is a piece of cake.

#4 – Wish you could go back in time and find an older version of a file? Now you can revert back to a previous version of any file with the Versioning control. All previous versions are easily identifiable with date and time. (stay tuned for more!)

#5 Have you ever deleted a file by mistake only to realize later that you need it? Use Archive control to keep copies of deleted files and folders in ElephantDrive. Also use it to free up space on your NAS locally. (

#6 – You will be able to set up sub-accounts for multiple users under the main parent account. Sub-accounts use the parent account’s storage space, but allows data from different users to be stored in separate accounts.  Sub-accounts also come with their own login credentials.  This is ideal when you are sharing the account with colleagues or family.

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#7 – Have control over the resources that backup uses on your NAS. You will be able to adjust the bandwidth speed and CPU resources ED uses on your NAS. This allows you to allocate resources appropriately in your environment. Of course, changing these settings can be done in a snap (no rocket science involved)!

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#8 – You also have control over how, when, and how frequently you want to backup your data on the NAS device to the ElephantDrive cloud. We offer the options of real-time backup and scheduled backup, whichever works the most conveniently and suits your backup needs will do!

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#9 – Access your account anywhere! You will be able to access your backup in the ElephantDrive account anywhere (on a desktop, on your phone, and/or on the tablet) and anytime as long as you are connected to the Internet. ElephantDrive also offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android users to facilitate storing, organizing, and sharing data on the go!

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#10 – Users can easily share their data on the NAS devices that has been backed up to ElephantDrive via URL links using either our website application or mobile apps in a few simple clicks.

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Now you are thinking “Where can I find a NAS device that comes with all the benefits above?” We have the answer for you.

ElephantDrive is proud to partner with these leading NAS manufacturers to ensure the best performance and user experience:

We are pre-installed as the “ReadyNAS Vault” on nearly all ReadyNAS storage products.

ED comes pre-installed on nearly all QNAP TurboNAS products.

ED is pre-installed on all Drobo 5N devices.

ED is pre-installed on the WesternDigital (WD) My Cloud EX4. More to come very soon!

ED is available on nearly all Thecus storage products.

ED will soon be available on nearly all Synology NAS devices. Stay tuned!

Questions? Feedback? Email us at, we are always here to help!